A Thought on Donald Trump and Twitter

If you’re asked to make a top 10 list of who is most effectively using Twitter, raise your hand if you would include Donald Trump.

If you didn’t raise your hand because you believe that Trump is one of the biggest blowhards of our time, are you sure you’re not letting your distaste of him color your perception?

Trump, whose presidential candidacy generates more web content than Mashable does when Taylor Swift chows down on a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, has been the most shocking, radical, in-your-face candidate that we have seen in our country. His Twitter account is a microcosm of the person that he is: loud and controversial, indifferent of your feelings, and a glaring point of discussion.

With Twitter, you can find people who share similar thoughts and ideas. You can follow celebrities, professional athletes, people in the media, and other popular figures, find out what they have to say and even correspond with them. And, sharing whatever thought that you feel is profound enough to change the lives of all 30 of your followers, it is as easy as tapping that tweet button.

What is required to use Twitter? A smartphone, an opinion, and the desire to be heard by anyone that clicks on your page. You can be as loud as you want on Twitter, without having the neighbors call the cops on you.

What is not required? Pretty much what is already absent in the wild, wild west that are the comment sections around the web: research and civility. And who has time for that, when those 4-eyed, tree-hugging millennials with their Macbooks need to be put in their place?

Trump doesn’t need to detail how he will build a wall along the Mexican border. He doesn’t need to explain how we will win with China or Japan on trade. Details? Who the hell needs details? We’re going to be up to our eyeballs in victories!

All he has to do is show off his poll numbers, retweet his followers or quotes that he’s inspired by (even if he was tricked into it or if the quote was misidenfitied), and lob verbal grenades at pretty much anyone who he doesn’t like.

Such as Kim Novak…

and Arianna Huffington…

…and Megyn Kelly…

…and Mitt Romney…

…and Rand Paul…

…and…forget it. If you search “donald trump twitter” on Google images, you’ll get more than enough insults to fill up an entire middle school.

Trump’s tweets are in your face. It’s hard to describe them as surgical, as they seem to carpet bomb the hell out of the internet, and if you get caught up in it, if you get offended, then you’re probably a disaster of a human being. And his fans and supporters eat it up. From the people worried about job creation, to those who believe that a complete ban on immigrants will instantly solve terrorism.

There are many people who share the same beliefs that Trump has, and he is not afraid to share them loudly. This goes back to what makes Twitter so great. People who share the same beliefs can easily find each other. When they find each other, they feel more empowered because they aren’t alone. Now, they have a presidential candidate who says what they want to say, and he says it loud.

Twitter allows for anyone to be heard. You can scream the same ideas in small, digestible mental bites without using the caps lock key. It is the perfect tool for The Donald.

Image Credits: Gage Skidmore

Author: Joseph Ruscitti

I'm a 30-something year old part-time blogger, part-time small business owner, and part-time human.

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