Microsoft Won’t Help You Spread Nudes of Your Ex, Either

Back in June, Google announced a move to help combat revenge porn images, allowing for users to fill out a form to have any sexually explicit photos of themselves that were uploaded without their consent to be removed from its search results. This month, Microsoft is beginning a similar move.

Users will now be able to fill out a form and submit the information directly to Microsoft to have the links removed from its Bing search results pages.

Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft’s chief online safety officer, announced the move in a blog post on July 22nd.

Much needs to be done to address the problem. As a first step, we want to help put victims back in control of their images and their privacy. That’s why Microsoft will remove links to photos and videos from search results in Bing, and remove access to the content itself when shared on OneDrive or Xbox Live, when we are notified by a victim.

As stated above, this will apply beyond Bing, and will affect Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service as well as Xbox Live. So you won’t be able to share links with your bros, bro.

It is important to note that while Google and Bing cannot remove the offending images off of the internet completely, because they are not the internet, they can make it much more difficult for people to find.

If you want to have the images removed, you might have to contact the website that hosts the content itself. Unfortunately, that might be a problem, too.

Author: Joseph Ruscitti

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