Let’s All be Done With Greg Hardy

The Dallas Cowboys 2015 season ended mercifully with a 34-23 loss to the Washington American football squadron, and likewise, the tumultuous season of one Greg Hardy.

And as reports have come out that some teammates have soured on Hardy as the season went on, I’d say that it’s time to move on from this failed experiment.

He did indeed come out “guns ablazing” with 4 ½ sacks in his first 6 games. But he only mustered 1 ½ sacks in his final 6 games. And other than having 6 sacks and 1 interception (amazing, considering when the Cowboys had 11 turnovers), he really wasn’t much of a difference maker.

Whatever level of havoc he caused for the other team, he caused just as much for his own team.

He hasn’t shown that much remorse over his past legal trouble that caused him to be suspended for the first 4 games of last season. He blew up on the Cowboys special teams coach and his teammates in a game against the Giants. In November, he updated his Twitter bio with some bizarre ramblings about the judicial system. He told the media just how attractive he thought of the wives of Tom Brady and Blake Bortles (SPOILER ALERT: very attractive).

And now, there are reports of him being repeatedly late for meetings, that was met with little punishment.

A few teammates who had supported Hardy early began to sour on him late in the season, in part because his perpetual tardiness for team meetings never resulted in a reduction of playing time. Tardiness was also an issue for Hardy with his previous teams.

I think that at this point, we can, and should, tell Greg Hardy thanks for your service, and best of luck to you with the rest of your career.

Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones signed him, thinking that they were one player away from getting to the Super Bowl. As it turns out, they were several players short. The pass rush certainly needed help, but his presence made more of a difference in the time spent by the media discussing the circus that accompanied him. It was a gamble that did not pay off.

No amount of talking to him, or meeting with him, did much good. One could argue that you shouldn’t have to talk to an adult, being paid millions of dollars to play a sport, to keep on the straight and narrow.

Uh, they would be right.

And while Hardy said that he would like to return to the Cowboys…

I look good in blue and white, let’s be honest.

…in the opinion of this generic Cowboys fan, I am done with him,

Let’s all be done with him.

Image Credits: Keith Allison

Author: Joseph Ruscitti

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