I Can’t Wait…

Because this is kind of a thing now, here are my carefully hand-crafted, platinum, artisanal thoughts on the election.

I can’t say for certain that the environment similar to a raging dumpster fire that resulted from the 2016 election will end after November 8th. The claims of the elections being rigged, the angry and hateful and racist ideas and comments being shared in the wild, Wild West of our time that is social media, and the two major parties nominating candidates that are so corrupt and deceitful they make despots from around the world ask, “What’s their problem?” and all of the other garbage that we have to swim through, have all left me feeling uncertain.

That said, I still have some sort of hope that things will temper down again. And I can’t wait.

I can’t wait for all of the sharing of memes that spread lies, and stories with click baity headlines, to slow down on my Facebook feed. The HUGE effect on my psyche will be EPIC, and you won’t believe it!

I can’t wait to stop hearing all of the Trump and Clinton cheerleaders self-pleasure themselves on the high level of integrity of their candidate, while simultaneously bash the other. Even though I think it’s hilarious that Fox News will roll out Trump supporters like they’re on a conveyor belt, every joke eventually stops being funny.

But I also have absolutely no use for a celebrity endorsement of Hillary.

“Hey, that sack of potatoes over there just endorsed Hillary Clinton.”

“That sack of potatoes is actually Lena Dunham.”


To be honest though, a Beyoncé endorsement of Donald Trump would have been the ultimate curveball.

I can’t wait to stop hearing how I’m wasting my vote by voting/not voting for candidate X, or how a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Clinton, or how a vote for Trump automatically means I’m a racist. If you think a third party vote is a waste and won’t matter, then you’re probably in agreement with the Republican and Democratic parties who certainly wouldn’t mind keeping their stranglehold on the two-party duopoly. They have you right where they want you.

Spare me your self-labeling as being a fiscal conservative while expressing that building a border wall is a good idea.

Spare me the talk that ObamaCare is so great, while peoples’ costs are skyrocketing.

Spare me the talk that the 2016 election is rigged. If you truly believe that it’s rigged, that the entire damn thing is rigged, then don’t go out and vote. Stay home. Because if you believe that, then your vote isn’t going to matter anyway, right?

Give me a candidate that I can support. Give me a candidate that is honest and confident, calm and measured. Give me a candidate that can bring good ideas to the table, while not bankrupting the middle class. Give me a candidate that can properly send an email, and that doesn’t require having their precious Twitter account wrestled away from them. Give me someone that has empathy, a candidate that will treat others with respect.

Call me selfish, but give me those things, and you can possibly get my vote.

On November 8th, I can’t wait to vote.

Image Credits: Michael Dorausch, Nat Ch Villa

Author: Joseph Ruscitti

I'm a 30-something year old part-time blogger, part-time small business owner, and part-time human.

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