A Question for the New England Patriots

This week, the New England Patriots asked the NFL to reinstate the two team employees at the center of “Deflategate.”

Equipment assistant John Jastremski and officials locker room attendant Jim McNally were suspended as part of the NFL investigation into the footballs that were used during the AFC title game, and whether or not they were tampered with by being improperly deflated.

Once the investigation was completed, as part of the punishment handed down by the NFL, quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games. The suspension was later vacated in federal court.

Here’s a question for you: If the Patriots did nothing wrong in this scandal, and if Tom Brady did nothing wrong, why are they asking the league to reinstate these guys?

Wasn’t it their text messages that came to light, that discussed how much air to deflate? Wasn’t it McNally who referred to himself as “The Deflator?”

If Brady did nothing wrong, wasn’t it the fault of these two guys who nearly helped the team lose Brady to a 4-game suspension?

If you were the New England Patriots, wouldn’t you have went ahead and told these guys, “Thank you for all that you’ve done for the organization. With all due respect, get the hell off of our property.”

Image Credits: Keith Allison

Author: Joseph Ruscitti

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